Carrara Kitchen

The Carrara Kitchen is a great example of teamwork.  There were many people involved in making this project a reality, starting with the young couple who commisioned the project.  They knew what they wanted and brought in a very talented architect and interior designer to make sure the details were done right.  When Zeller WoodWorks was brought on to fabricate and install the cabinetry, the plans were well defined and the palette of materials and finishes had been decided.

The room is a serene mix of warm and cool tones.  The custom gray stained ash cabinetry is blueprint matched across the entire kitchen.  The under-counter doors and drawers are a cool grey automotive finish with custom "J-pulls," eliminating the need for hardware, thus keeping the style minimal and clean.  Behind the J-pulls, stainless steel accents the cabinetry creating strong sight lines around the room.  A dark granite island & countertop and carrara marble subway tiled backsplash round out the room.